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11649 N Port Washington Rd Suite #225

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11649 North Port Washington Road
Mequon, WI, 53092
United States


Dragonfly Meditation is a secular (non-religious) mindfulness based studio which offers meditation instruction, drop-in meditation, special workshops, and retreats.

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We recommend signing up on our calendar page prior to arrival

10:00 am Sunday: Mindfulness Meditation (40 min) with Caroline Raffel

Through breath and body awareness, you will be guided to connect more intentionally with the present moment. This practice may include visualization or a loving-kindness meditation. A focus on patience and acceptance is used to replace judgement.

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

12:00 pm Monday: Heart Based Meditation (30 min) with Ann Marie Arvoy

This class focuses on expanding compassion and the capacity of the heart. You will be guided in practices such as loving-kindness meditation, tonglen (Tibetan compassion practice) or working with emotions.  

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

5:30 pm Tuesdays: Nature Journeys Meditation (40 min) with Dawn Weberg

This class will guide you through different nature visualizations each week to relax and heal you. Dawn also brings Reiki healing into these guided meditations.

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

 12:00 pm Wednesday:  Stress Reduction Meditation (30 min) with Nancy Snoots

Through breath and/or body awareness, you will be guided to connect more intentionally with the present moment. This class will focus on releasing stress and tension within the body and mind.  This class is designed for a midday break and a dose of calm.  

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

12:00 pm Thursday: Compassion Meditation (30 min) with Dawn Weberg

Practicing kindness and compassion is one of the most direct routes to happiness. Research suggests that kind people tend to be more satisfied with their relationships and with their lives in general. Join Nancy for this great class!

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

11:00 am Friday: Finding Ease Meditation (40 min) with Caroline Raffel

Using breath and body awareness, you will be guided to rest your attention in the present moment. Let your effort to stay aware balance your ease as you release what does not serve you and, with courage, accept what is unfolding. 

Fee: $15 or multi-class pass

What to Expect

Just bring yourself. You don’t need to wear anything special. We have both chairs and cushions available for meditation. We are happy to assist you in finding the right fit for youOur meditation instructors will help you settle in and guide you through the experience. All classes are open to both teens and adults, beginner to more experienced practitioners.  We always leave a few minutes at the end of each session to answer any questions and to reflect on the experience.  

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