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11649 North Port Washington Road
Mequon, WI, 53092
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Dragonfly Meditation is a secular (non-religious) mindfulness based studio which offers meditation instruction, drop-in meditation, special workshops, and retreats.

Memberships available.
Family Memberships available at reduced rates.

Mindfulness Coaching

Take the step of consciously integrating mindfulness practices and teachings into your life! Mindfulness coaching will help you to manifest your deepest intentions, and to live an intentional life with more ease and joy. Learn about how to bring mindfulness to your thoughts, emotions and behavior by deepening your understanding of mindfulness.

Ann Marie Arvoy, MA, LPC completed a Master’s degree in psychology in 2000 from Naropa University (a small liberal arts school that integrated Buddhist philosophy and psychology) and trained as a life coach in 2001.  As a licensed counselor, Ann Marie brings a depth of psychological understanding and skill, the practicality and clarity of a life coach as well as the wisdom developed from over 22 years of personal meditation practice.  

To get the most benefit from this process, committing to at least two or three sessions/month for at least six months is recommended.  However, as each person is different. We can tailor a program to fit your needs.

This service is available face to face, through video meeting or by phone.

Individual Sessions:  $150/ session Purchase Here or

buy a package of Six Sessions - $750 ($125 per session) Purchase Here


“I am bewildered, in a good way, how different my life is after participating in Ann Marie's mindfulness coaching. 

I signed up for this because I was trying my best to balance all areas of my life, but the results of my efforts weren't as fruitful as I wanted them to be. My life felt compartmentalized and my energy was scattered and depleted.

Ann Marie has helped me shift how I sort through things. She has helped me learn how to spend my time and energy more efficiently and effectively. She has introduced me to a fountain of wellness within myself which provides an abundance of energy to live my life in a completely different way. Areas of my life now feel integrated and connected to each other and there is a healthy flow of energy where there was stagnation. 

I am more compassionate with myself and with others. I have fewer regrets and more gratitude. Most significantly, I am open to possibility and to hope and dream, which is a really fun way to be. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to feel a deeper connection to life.” Christine S


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